Making Social Media Personal

Posted in Uncategorized by andrewpink on April 27, 2010

The idea of living in a world where everything has a different perceived value from one person to another is something I’ve a constantly fascination with.

Beautifully underlined by the One Red Paper Clip experiment back in 2006, where within in only 14 trades Kyle MacDonald ended up with a house on Main Street, Kipling Saskatchewan. Although this became underpinned by massive media support, the project shows just how important social engagement, entertainment and general human interest can have in delivering millions of dollars worth of free airtime and publicity, not to mention a house.

The power of this project is clearly not in the initial item, its intrinsic value is minuscule. Summed up at the end of this 20/20 report by Corbin Bernsen, it is the drive of an individual to make it happen. Why? Because it was personal. It is that which we should all have in the forefront of our mind when engaging in social media. Determining how much and how far are we prepared to go to make it personal to us and not just the business we work in.

Trade list
One red paper clip – Fish Shaped Pen – Smiley face door knob – Camping stove – A Generator – A Keg of Beer – Snowmobile – Weekend in Yahk – Recording contract – Years rent free apartment – Hang out with Alice Cooper – Kiss snow globe – A part in a movie – House in Kipling

The official One Red Paperclip site


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